Thursday, October 5, 2017

Turning Point Stories: Do you have one to share?

Think of a time or a season in your life when you felt somehow stuck. Stuck mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. But then something simple that you or someone else did, or said, or learned, or discovered was the catalyst to creating a positive turning point in your life.

We all have had these experiences. Some are turning points that effect us for a lifetime and some are more simple moments on any given day. Many of these turning points are not fully within our control and come because of someone else. But then there are many, many times when we can be the catalyst to creating our own turning points.

Most of us at some point in life have felt immovable and paralyzed in sorrow, inadequacy, sadness, negativity, grief, depression, poor choices, comparison, bad habits, anxiety, or in many other patterns of struggle.

Sometimes overcoming these feelings and experiences require professional help beyond our personal scope of relationships. Sometimes simple words said by a friend or family member, or a simple daily change, or a book we read, among many other simple life moments are the catalysts for a turning point that gets us back on track to a more happy and directed path.

Some turning points come from profound life moments but I would venture to say that most turning points in life begin with one small experience, thought, decision, or change followed by a series of small and simple things.

If you have a turning point experience that you would be willing to share on my new blog please email me your story at and I will follow up with you about your submission.

As we read how other people have and continue to transform their lives one simple step at a time I think we can be inspired to carry on and make our own simple improvements just a little at a time. As we continue on each day doing small and simple, good things we will find that we are led to bless others on their quest to turn things around in their lives and we will find that we have greater power to make changes in our own lives.  I strongly believe that sharing these stories can bless many.