Friday, April 30, 2010

What We Believe: The Holy Ghost Testifies of Truth

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Free FHE Treat Tonight

I don't usually post things like this but on a Monday I couldn't resist.

It is National Pretzel Day (April 26) and all you have to do is sing a snipet of your favorite song (if you got really into it you could even sing a primary song :), or simply say National Pretzel Day at a participating Pretzel Maker/Time and you can get a free pretzel (with or without salt). All of these locations are participating. I know that many of you are in Utah and there are 11 participating locations here from Logan to St. George plus tons all over the country. Yea!
Enjoy a yummy FHE tonight!

Seek the Higher Ground

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What do your Sundays look like?

Especially those of you with young children...Besides going to church on Sunday and any additional meetings you may have how do you spend your time? What activities do you engage in with your children? Do you have any special Sunday traditions or spiritual activities?

I love being able to spend time with our whole family each Sunday but I really want to spend it more productively, more wisely, and have more of a fun spirit filled day. I'd love your suggestions. Thanks!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How do you make the gospel a part of your everyday life?

I want the gospel to BE our life, not just a few things on our to-do list each day. So my question is: How do you make the gospel a part of your everyday life - besides FHE, family scripture study and family prayer?

*This question came from Laurie who has a wonderful blog called, "I Have a Testimony". Thanks for your question. You have me thinking...

Counsel from Sunday Afternoon Session

Elder Russell M. Nelson:
* God invites us all to bring about exaltation for our families.
* We have a duty to seek out our deceased ancestors.
* Members of the Church should become familiar with family history practices to help their deceased ancestors receive the essential ordinances of the temple.

Elder Robert D. Hales:
* Parents and youth leaders should lead by example.
* Leaders should make priesthood/scouting activities meaningful by taking time to talk with the youth.
* Parents should take the time to talk with their children. The greatest influence in the world comes from parents.
* Make sure every child is home and present for dinner.
* Parents: Listen, Listen, and then Listen some more.
* Parents and leaders should participate in Duty to God and Personal Progress with the youth.
* Parents should teach their children the gospel by helping them to fully participate in the Church.
* Hold family home evening, family councils, meaningful gospel conversations, say “I Love You,” and let children know Heavenly Father loves them.
* It is not enough for our youth to know the gospel. They must do.
* Understand that the greatest missionary service you will ever give will be in your own home.

Elder Bradley D. Foster – of the Seventy:
* Remember that nurturing is a part of a woman’s spiritual heritage.
* Remember that a distraction doesn’t have to be evil in order to be effective.
* Never give up when your loved ones stray.
* Parents—especially mothers—have a major role in rescuing their children if they go astray.

Elder James B. Martino – of the Seventy:
* Seek an eternal perspective through your trials.
* We should learn from the Savior’s last hours on earth in his trials:
1) He sought not for His will, but only for God’s will to be done.
*Just like a vaccination, realize that a small amount of pain now can protect you from more pain/suffering in the future.
2) Did not complain/murmur during trials.
* Ask yourself: What can I learn? Or What can I change?
3) Sought greater help from God.
4) Learned to serve/think of others during trials.
5) Forgave others & didn’t pass the blame of the situation on them.
Elder Gregory A. Schwitzer – of the Seventy:
* Don’t judge (condemn) others, but use good judgment instead.
* Don’t use worldly judgment for spiritual decisions. You’ll miss out.
* Put your standards in alignment with the gospel.
* Adults should live the standards in For the Strength of the Youth.
* Listen to the counsel of the prophet.
* Cultivate a relationship with the Holy Ghost. Listen externally (by turning off electronics) and internally (by turning off sin).
* Keep the commandments.

Elder Francisco J. Vinas – of the Seventy:
* Teach “things pertaining to righteousness” so you, your family, and people that you share the gospel with can have a lasting conversion.
* Pray regularly.
* Study the scriptures.

Elder Neil L. Andersen:
* The rising generation is the best ever, but we’ve been placed in troubled times and have great responsibilities.
* Parents shouldn’t just create a spiritual core in their children, but fan the flame that’s already there.
* Each young person needs his/her own independent conversion.
* Share the stories of Jesus to help you have faith/testimony.
* Embed the stories of Jesus into the lives of your children.
* Parents should help their kids think of Jesus when they are faced with their own difficult decisions/situations.
* Youth: Live up to your responsibilities and capacity.
* Youth: Read the Book of John (St. John) & discuss it with your parents.
* Speak more frequently of Christ in your families. You will feel the power of the atonement as you do.
* Fathers: take part in talking to your children about the Savior.
* Parents: Don’t despair and give up if your children aren’t listening. If you’re diligently striving, they will come back.
* Speak of Jesus at home, in the car, at dinner, in late night conversations, and any chance you get.

President Thomas S. Monson:
*Study the messages and ponder the teachings from this conference, the APPLY them to your lives.
* Look to the lighthouse of the Lord. The world has slipped into more dangerous wickedness, but look to the Lord to get through.
* Let the massages of this conference find expression in that which you do.

Counsel from the Saturday Morning Session
Counsel from the Saturday Afternoon Session

Counsel from the Priesthood Session
Counsel from the Sunday Morning Session

Monday, April 19, 2010

How do you get your kids to behave during sacrament meeting?

(Particularly young kids) Like really behave, not just be quiet as long as there is a snack in their mouth or a toy in their hand.

We've been struggling with this a bit lately! With a three year old, two year old, one year old, and my pregnant belly sometimes I feel like we're the ward circus show!

*This question was submitted by a good friend of mine and boy is it a good question. I am sure many of you can relate, I know I can and I only have a three year old and a baby. Some Sundays I feel like we have it all under control and then the next week my little guy will assure me that we don't. If only this picture was each of our scenarios each week. :) Can't wait to hear all of the reponses on this one. So lets help a sister out and give some great suggestions and all the while help everyone out.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Q and A

So I am going to try out something new and see if I like it and if you like it and if we do, we will stick with it.

I am going to try a Question and Answer portion to the blog. Some questions will come from me and others will come from you. If you'd like a question answered on the blog by becoming lds readers then leave a comment (on any post) with your question or email me at I will read over your question and then if your question is both appropriate and not an opinionated doctrinal question I will create a post with your question as the title. Then readers will respond in the comments with thoughts and answers.

Questions can range from basic doctrinal questions like:

What is the Godhead?

To application kind of questions like:

What do you do for family scripture study at your house? What time of day do you do it? What is your reading plan? Etc.

But I will not post opinionated doctrinal questions like:

Should you pay your tithing on gross or net income?

I'd love for many to participate and we'll see if we like this or not so please comment or email with your questions. Thanks!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Counsel from the Sunday Morning Session

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf:
* As members of the Church, our hands should always be Christ’s hands.
* Be welcoming to all of God’s children, even if they live, look, dress, speak, or do things differently than you do.
* Bestow compassion, and charity on new and returning members.
* Don’t condemn others. You cannot measure the worth of a soul like God can.
* Stretch your heart and hands out in compassion.
* Understand that it is unworthy to think that those who suffer deserved their suffering.
* Let us love at all times and be there for our brothers and sisters during their times of adversity.
* Seek others’ happiness and love them as you love yourself.
* True love requires action. Don’t just speak of it…show it.
* If we are Christ’s hands, those who we reach out to should be better off than they were before we were with them.

Elder Richard G. Scott:
* Ponder the reality of the redemption that can come through Christ.
* Repent of any disobedience in your life.
* It is vital that we each learn what we can about the Atonement.
*”I encourage you to establish a study plan of Jesus Christ’s call as our personal Savior and Redeemer.”
* Attend the temple consistently.
* Ponder and meditate on scriptural passages.
* Parents: Encourage your children to live the gospel.
* Be sure that every decision you make considers what Jesus would have you do.
* Make Christ the model of who you will pattern your life after.
Elder Donald L. Hallstrom – Presidency of the Seventy:
* Remember that no matter the size of the issue, how people respond can set the course of the rest of our lives.
* Many things can happen that could cause us to be bitter or more righteous. It’s your choice of which outcome is going to happen.
* If you feel like you’ve been wronged by anyone or thing, deal with it directly and with all of your strength.
* Don’t give up in dealing with difficult matters. Turn to the Lord.
* Never let an earthy circumstance disable you spiritually.

Sister Cheryl C. Lant – Former General Primary President:
* Seek the face of the Lord. This requires a lifetime of effort.
* Love the Lord and His children.
* Strive to live the gospel and become a worthy example. You have to know the way before you can show it.
* Teach your children the gospel and help them know how to apply it to their lives.
* Be diligent in keeping the commandments.

Elder Quentin L. Cook:
* Think about what your path to discipleship will require of you, then do it.
* Remember and reverence the Sacrament.
* Show love to those around you and to God.
* Be civil and respectful in your interactions with others.
* Consider that how you conduct yourself when you disagree is a large measure of who you really are as a person.
* Find time to slow down, ponder, pray, and live worthily of the Spirit.
* Avoid “low spiritual ground.”
* Seek the refuge and eternal protection of the temple.
* Listen and adhere to the teachings of our prophets.

President Thomas S. Monson:
* Appreciate that knowing the purpose of life helps you to understand the reasons for death.
* In your days of sorrow, you can take comfort in knowing that “He is Risen.”

Counsel from the Saturday Morning Session
Counsel from the Saturday Afternoon Session

Counsel from the Priesthood Session

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 2010 General Conference Highlight Video

I loved the one of the definite themes of Conference this time around and I love the way the selections in this video of Conference really pull it all together. The world is wicked and we as mothers and priesthood holders need to step it up and teach our children the way. There was definitely more to it than that and boy was it good so enjoy this video and be reminded of the great counsel we all received a few weeks ago (it is about 10 minutes).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Counsel from the Priesthood Session

Elder Dallin H. Oaks:
* Remember that there are three methods of healing today: Medicine, Prayers, and Priesthood Blessings.
* As the world grows more calamitous, it will become essential that priesthood holders are prepared to use their priesthood power.
* Those performing blessings and those who are blessed shouldn’t “boast of these things before the world.”
* After receiving a blessing, you don’t need to ask for frequent subsequent blessings. The priesthood has already been used, now utilize the other important aspect of the blessing: your faith.
* Sometimes priesthood holders will know the will of the Lord in a blessing, other times they will know the mind of the Lord. Priesthood holders should always live in a way that they know the mind of the Lord.
* Remember in a blessing that if faith is present, the Lord’s will ALWAYS will be done, whether the words are spoken in the blessing or not.
* Remember also that the priesthood cannot cause an outcome contrary to the will of the Lord. Sometimes people aren’t healed during blessings, because that wasn’t the Lords’ will.
* Priesthood holders must always trust in God.

Elder Ronald A. Rasband – Presidency of the Seventy:
* The Lord needs EVERY young man to prepare and recommit to serving a mission.
* The most important thing you can be doing right now is proclaiming the gospel.
* Prepare now and live worthily.
* Missionaries need to know they are called of God. Not of man.

David L. Beck – YM General President:
* Start working on earning the new Duty to God award as soon as it becomes available to you.
* Take a journey through the scriptures to discover the magnificence of the Aaronic Priesthood. You’ll be amazed.
* Never think you are too young to do significant things with the priesthood.
* Your greatest priesthood duty is to strengthen and bless your family.
* Reach out to your friends who aren’t in the Church or have lost their way.
* Be a force for good in all circumstances you are placed in.
* Seek to be completely clean. * Respect every young woman. * Respect your parents. * Strive to become more like the Savior.
* There is an urgency for you to fulfill your duty to God—not just the award, but your actually duty.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf:
* Parents: Don’t indulge your children’s every desire.
* Realize also that children aren’t the only ones who spoil easily.
* Be patient. That doesn’t mean be passive. Patience requires work.
* Realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you. Don’t seek gain at the expense of others, but be patient!
* Use patience in your priesthood service.
* Never give up on anyone, including yourself.
* Understand that your spiritual knowledge and understanding will come at the price of patience.
* Delay instant gratification. * Keep at hard things (patiently). * Hold back and resist anger. * Accept that which can’t be changed. * Be firm and steadfast in keeping the commandments all of the time, even when it’s hard.
* Sometimes we grow the most when we’re WAITING, not RECEIVING.
* You can continue in patience until you’re perfected.

President Henry B. Eyring:
* Think of Christ when you are performing priesthood service.
* Understand that the priesthood is an invitation for you to become like Christ.
* Learn your duty from the Lord, then act in diligence.
* When you get distracted from priesthood service, give yourself the following rally cry: “Remember Him!”
* Become what God wants you to become through your priesthood service.
* Pray to know the nature of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.
* Pray to know what God wants you to do, and then promise that you will do it.
* Ask for help to do what God wants you to do, then thank Him.

President Thomas S. Monson:
* Priesthood holders: Keep in mind that you’ve attended one of the finest priesthood sessions of President Monson’s life.
* Young men: Prepare for your service as a missionary now.
* Study For the Strength of the Youth to help you become familiar with God’s standards.
* Utilize all of your resources (Church, seminary, parents, etc…)
* Date appropriately – quoted directly from FTSOY.
* Dress appropriately – quoted directly from FTSOY.
* Choose good friends – quoted directly from FTSOY.
* Treat everyone with kindness and dignity.
* Remember that honesty is always the best policy. Be honest with yourself, others, and God.
* Use appropriate language - quoted directly from FTSOY.
* Read, listen to, and watch only things that are “virtuous, lovely, or of good report.”
* Avoid pornography at all costs - quoted directly from FTSOY.
* Keep your temple (body) clean by obeying the Word of Wisdom - quoted directly from FTSOY.
* Your music should be appropriate - quoted directly from FTSOY.
* Keep yourself sexually pure - quoted directly from FTSOY.
* Remember that prayer is the passport to spiritual power.
* You can always repent - quoted directly from FTSOY.
* Don’t put your eternal life at risk. Keep the commandments.
* Live in a way that you can “touch heaven” and be blessed.

Counsel from the Saturday Morning Session
Counsel from the Saturday Afternoon Session

Monday, April 12, 2010

Combating Pornography: Replacing Darkness with Light

The Church has come out with a site sponsored by LDS Family Services. I love that this new site meant to help combat pornography is meant for people on all sides of the addiction and people in all stages. It has things for prevetion to support. Click HERE to check it out.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Counsel from the Saturday Afternoon Session

Elder L. Tom Perry:
* Never devalue the importance of teaching in the home.
* Parents—not teachers, not leaders, or anyone else—have the ultimate responsibility of teaching their children.
* Family prayer, scripture study, home evening, songs, books, and meals all go a long way to making a difference in the family.
* Teach children while they’re young…by word AND example.
* It is especially critical for mothers to understand their nurturing roles in the family. They have the most influence.
* You have a sacred duty to do your very best.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson:
* Remember all of the people who sacrifice so much (including their lives) to get the scriptures here.
* There is today a growing scripture illiteracy because we will not open our own personal copies of the scriptures.
* Study the scriptures so you can come closer to the Holy Ghost.
* Consider the fact that not only do you have the Bible + about 900 pages of modern revelation, but you also have the words of living prophets. What would the people who came before us have said if they saw that you didn’t even use them after they sacrificed so much to get them here?

Elder Koichi Aoyagi – of the Seventy:
* Always be willing to offer the Lord’s children a helping hand. That is the mark of a true disciple of Christ.

Elder Bruce A. Carlson – of the Seventy:
* Consider three reasons we don’t keep the commandments: 1) We feel that a certain commandment does not apply to us; 2) They seem unimportant/trivial; 3) They seem too hard.
* Strive to be obedient to EACH of God’s commandments every day.

Elder David A. Bednar:
* Be aware of “spiritual early warning signals” that can be detected within your family and protect it from harm.
* Be watchful and discerning right now.
Do these three things to help you recognize warning signs early:
* Read and talk about the Book of Mormon as a family.
-Remember that reading the Book of Mormon brings you and your
family closer to God than any other book, and will help you resist
temptation better than any other book.
* Bear testimony spontaneously.
-Parents should be vigilant to bear their testimonies. The less
regimented/structured the testimony is, the more likely it will edify.
-Understand that a testimony does not always have to begin with “I
would like to bear my testimony” in order to be real.
* Teach children as gospel learners to act and not be acted upon.
-A child is NEVER to young to begin learning how to “seek learning by
-Parents: Help your kids learn by doing.
-Learning by faith requires physical/mental exertion, not passive
-Imagine a family home evening where children are invited/expected
to be prepared and ask questions and not just passively sit there.
-The best family home evenings are never results of download or
purchased lesson outlines or questions.
-Parents: Do you let your children wait to be spoon-fed the gospel?
-Understand that spiritual knowledge can never be spoon-fed. It must
be earned.
* Promise: Following the principles in this talk will allow parents to more effectively be watchmen on the tower for your families.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland:
* Understand that pornography can create a crater in the brain that can last forever.
* Also understand that males are not the only people afflicted by pornography. It is not targeted towards everyone.
* Beware that pornography is not just an Internet commodity. It is becoming widely available on cell phones, iPods, and video games.
How to guard yourself against temptation:
* Separate yourself from people, circumstances, and places that may be harmful to you or put you in a situation where you are likely to fail.
-When fleeing temptation, don’t leave a forwarding address.
-Pray without ceasing for help/ask for priesthood blessings.
-Put a filter on your computer.
* Exercise Self control.
-Turn off the TV, walk out of the room.
-When impure thoughts come to your mind, don’t invite them in and
offer them tea and crumpets. You shouldn’t be serving tea anyway.
-Imagine the faces of those who love you.
* Cultivate an environment where the Spirit of the Lord is present, such
as your home or the temple.
* Always remember Christ. Doing so will help you avoid thinking of impure things.
-Remember that when we sin, we hurt him and you’re putting yourself
in a situation where you cannot be rescued by him.
* “Give place no more for the enemy of your soul,” just like Nephi did.

Counsel from the Saturday Morning Session

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Counsel from the Saturday Morning Session

My husband always likes to write down the words of counsel spoken in General Conference and so I will be posting each session's counsel over the next few days (some words of counsel may have been missed as there is a lot given during each talk).

I love to read through and only see the things that they are urging us to do in our lives minus the stories and other thoughts. I love seeing in clear view the themes of the conference and the direct words of guidance and instruction to apply to our individual lives.

I hope you enjoy!

Saturday Morning Session

President Thomas S. Monson:
* Reach out to new converts and those who are coming back into the Church.
* Share your resources, time, talents, and expertise to help those who are in need.

President Boyd K. Packer:
* We are to go forth and preach the gospel, even though our numbers are few compared with the world’s population.
* Everyone (men and women) should understand what is required of priesthood holders.
* The people who run Church programs should do nothing that would supplant (replace) the home…Everything should support the home.
* Fathers should be the presiding authority in the home.
* Priesthood holders should be awakened to the POWER of the priesthood (don’t just think you have authority, you have power).
* All saints should go forward with confidence in the power of the priesthood.
* The power of the priesthood needs to be activated throughout the earth. It will stand as a shield between Satan and families.
* Remember that all things in the Church are designed to protect and perfect the family.

Sister Julie B. Beck – Relief Society General President:
* We should all understand that there has never been a greater need for strong sisters.
* Sisters: Resist messages that you are entitled to more time away from your responsibilities.
* Strive to qualify for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.
* Spend time in the scriptures every day!
* Pray daily.
* Put yourself in the right places where you can be worthy of the Spirit.
* Put your trust in the Spirit to give you guidance.
* Live in a way that will prepare you for eternal life.
* Women should be women, not babies who need petting and correction all of the time.
* Women of the Church should and will be distinct and different in happy ways from women of the world.

Bishop Keith B. McMullin – Presiding Bishopric:
* Take comfort in the promise that God will protect His people.
* Keep God’s commandments and pattern life after the Savior.
* Your duty is to keep your covenants.
* Honor God by doing good in the world.
* You have a duty to pray.

Elder Wilford W. Andersen – of the Seventy:
* If you’re going to build your home you must build your faith.
* Faith grows by work. You must work to keep the commandments.
* Put your trust in the Savior to overcome feelings of depression.
* Those in despair must remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer that we must build our faith.

Elder M. Russell Ballard:
* Sisters: Don’t be led by the women of the world. LEAD the women of the world.
Suggestions for Young Women:
* Look to your faithful mothers as examples. * Listen to her. * Love her. Trust her. * Be kind to her. * Be patient with her imperfections.
Suggestion to mothers:
* Understand that daughters usually act like their mothers, so set a proper example for them to follow. * Teach your daughters in righteousness. You are their first defense. * Even when you think she’s not listening, understand that she’s watching to see if your actions match your words. * Teach your daughters the joy that comes from bearing children. * Teach them to not gossip/be rude. * Have the courage to counsel, correct, and love them. * Teach your daughters the importance of making covenants, and show them how to keep them. * Have frequent, open discussions that teach the importance of living chaste and dressing modestly. * Your daughters need to CLEARLY and REPEATEDLY hear the chastity/modesty talk and SEE it demonstrated. * Teach them about what it feels like to feel the Spirit. * Point them to the scriptures. * Teach them that keeping covenants is the safest (and ultimately the only) way to happiness. * Teach them that they can repent when the make mistakes.
* It is critical that parents and children listen to and learn from one another.
* Remember that the home is the most important place to prepare the youth of the Church.
* Teach, nurture, and prepare one another within the walls of the home.

President Henry B. Eyring:
* Children should be strengthened early and rescued quickly.
* If children are strengthened while they are young, they’ll be less likely to need rescuing during their teenage years.
* Leaders: Rise to what the Lord requires of you to help young people.
* Help youth feel your confidence in them that they can succeed.
* Counsel/correct young people with love so they can feel that love in your words.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Day to Remember - April 6

1 A.D - Birth of the Savior
1830 - The Prophet Joseph Smith restored the Church.
1853 - The cornerstone of the Salt Lake Temple was dedicated.
1877 - The St. George Temple was dedicated (the first operating temple)
1893 - President Wilford Woodruff dedicated the Salt Lake Temple.

What a special day to remember.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Yummy Christ-Centered Easter Treat

I first learned how to make this simple and yummy treat when I was in junior high foods class. I just recently realized that I could turn it into a great Easter teaching moment.

Marshmallow Biscuits

The Tomb:
10 refrigerator biscuits

Clean Linen Cloth:
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon butter

Jesus' Body:
5 large marshmallows, cut in half

(You can use a whole marshmallow if you are using jumbo biscuits)

Melt butter. Mix cinnamon and sugar.

Cut marshmallows in half and roll in melted butter, then cinnamon-sugar mixture.

Pound each biscuit flat. Wrap the marshmallows in biscuit. Seal the edges of the biscuit being careful not to get sugar on edges of biscuit or it will not seal. Place on a greased cookie sheet or muffin tin and put in a 375 degree oven for 7-12 minutes (times will be different if using a jumbo biscuit) or until lightly browned. This can get a little messy.

When you pull your biscuits out of the oven and take a bite out of the tomb the marshmallow (Jesus body) will be gone but the cloth will still remain (the cinnamon and sugar).

My three year old loved this and seemed to grasp onto the idea. He helped me to prepare the biscuits and I told him what each item represented and then we read the ressurection story from The New Testament Stories book (you could also watch it online HERE) while they cooked. When they came out and "Jesus" was gone he loved it. We talked about how Jesus still lives and even though He died He was ressurrected.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!