Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Counsel from Sunday Afternoon Session

Elder Russell M. Nelson:
* God invites us all to bring about exaltation for our families.
* We have a duty to seek out our deceased ancestors.
* Members of the Church should become familiar with family history practices to help their deceased ancestors receive the essential ordinances of the temple.

Elder Robert D. Hales:
* Parents and youth leaders should lead by example.
* Leaders should make priesthood/scouting activities meaningful by taking time to talk with the youth.
* Parents should take the time to talk with their children. The greatest influence in the world comes from parents.
* Make sure every child is home and present for dinner.
* Parents: Listen, Listen, and then Listen some more.
* Parents and leaders should participate in Duty to God and Personal Progress with the youth.
* Parents should teach their children the gospel by helping them to fully participate in the Church.
* Hold family home evening, family councils, meaningful gospel conversations, say “I Love You,” and let children know Heavenly Father loves them.
* It is not enough for our youth to know the gospel. They must do.
* Understand that the greatest missionary service you will ever give will be in your own home.

Elder Bradley D. Foster – of the Seventy:
* Remember that nurturing is a part of a woman’s spiritual heritage.
* Remember that a distraction doesn’t have to be evil in order to be effective.
* Never give up when your loved ones stray.
* Parents—especially mothers—have a major role in rescuing their children if they go astray.

Elder James B. Martino – of the Seventy:
* Seek an eternal perspective through your trials.
* We should learn from the Savior’s last hours on earth in his trials:
1) He sought not for His will, but only for God’s will to be done.
*Just like a vaccination, realize that a small amount of pain now can protect you from more pain/suffering in the future.
2) Did not complain/murmur during trials.
* Ask yourself: What can I learn? Or What can I change?
3) Sought greater help from God.
4) Learned to serve/think of others during trials.
5) Forgave others & didn’t pass the blame of the situation on them.
Elder Gregory A. Schwitzer – of the Seventy:
* Don’t judge (condemn) others, but use good judgment instead.
* Don’t use worldly judgment for spiritual decisions. You’ll miss out.
* Put your standards in alignment with the gospel.
* Adults should live the standards in For the Strength of the Youth.
* Listen to the counsel of the prophet.
* Cultivate a relationship with the Holy Ghost. Listen externally (by turning off electronics) and internally (by turning off sin).
* Keep the commandments.

Elder Francisco J. Vinas – of the Seventy:
* Teach “things pertaining to righteousness” so you, your family, and people that you share the gospel with can have a lasting conversion.
* Pray regularly.
* Study the scriptures.

Elder Neil L. Andersen:
* The rising generation is the best ever, but we’ve been placed in troubled times and have great responsibilities.
* Parents shouldn’t just create a spiritual core in their children, but fan the flame that’s already there.
* Each young person needs his/her own independent conversion.
* Share the stories of Jesus to help you have faith/testimony.
* Embed the stories of Jesus into the lives of your children.
* Parents should help their kids think of Jesus when they are faced with their own difficult decisions/situations.
* Youth: Live up to your responsibilities and capacity.
* Youth: Read the Book of John (St. John) & discuss it with your parents.
* Speak more frequently of Christ in your families. You will feel the power of the atonement as you do.
* Fathers: take part in talking to your children about the Savior.
* Parents: Don’t despair and give up if your children aren’t listening. If you’re diligently striving, they will come back.
* Speak of Jesus at home, in the car, at dinner, in late night conversations, and any chance you get.

President Thomas S. Monson:
*Study the messages and ponder the teachings from this conference, the APPLY them to your lives.
* Look to the lighthouse of the Lord. The world has slipped into more dangerous wickedness, but look to the Lord to get through.
* Let the massages of this conference find expression in that which you do.

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