Saturday, April 10, 2010

Counsel from the Saturday Afternoon Session

Elder L. Tom Perry:
* Never devalue the importance of teaching in the home.
* Parents—not teachers, not leaders, or anyone else—have the ultimate responsibility of teaching their children.
* Family prayer, scripture study, home evening, songs, books, and meals all go a long way to making a difference in the family.
* Teach children while they’re young…by word AND example.
* It is especially critical for mothers to understand their nurturing roles in the family. They have the most influence.
* You have a sacred duty to do your very best.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson:
* Remember all of the people who sacrifice so much (including their lives) to get the scriptures here.
* There is today a growing scripture illiteracy because we will not open our own personal copies of the scriptures.
* Study the scriptures so you can come closer to the Holy Ghost.
* Consider the fact that not only do you have the Bible + about 900 pages of modern revelation, but you also have the words of living prophets. What would the people who came before us have said if they saw that you didn’t even use them after they sacrificed so much to get them here?

Elder Koichi Aoyagi – of the Seventy:
* Always be willing to offer the Lord’s children a helping hand. That is the mark of a true disciple of Christ.

Elder Bruce A. Carlson – of the Seventy:
* Consider three reasons we don’t keep the commandments: 1) We feel that a certain commandment does not apply to us; 2) They seem unimportant/trivial; 3) They seem too hard.
* Strive to be obedient to EACH of God’s commandments every day.

Elder David A. Bednar:
* Be aware of “spiritual early warning signals” that can be detected within your family and protect it from harm.
* Be watchful and discerning right now.
Do these three things to help you recognize warning signs early:
* Read and talk about the Book of Mormon as a family.
-Remember that reading the Book of Mormon brings you and your
family closer to God than any other book, and will help you resist
temptation better than any other book.
* Bear testimony spontaneously.
-Parents should be vigilant to bear their testimonies. The less
regimented/structured the testimony is, the more likely it will edify.
-Understand that a testimony does not always have to begin with “I
would like to bear my testimony” in order to be real.
* Teach children as gospel learners to act and not be acted upon.
-A child is NEVER to young to begin learning how to “seek learning by
-Parents: Help your kids learn by doing.
-Learning by faith requires physical/mental exertion, not passive
-Imagine a family home evening where children are invited/expected
to be prepared and ask questions and not just passively sit there.
-The best family home evenings are never results of download or
purchased lesson outlines or questions.
-Parents: Do you let your children wait to be spoon-fed the gospel?
-Understand that spiritual knowledge can never be spoon-fed. It must
be earned.
* Promise: Following the principles in this talk will allow parents to more effectively be watchmen on the tower for your families.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland:
* Understand that pornography can create a crater in the brain that can last forever.
* Also understand that males are not the only people afflicted by pornography. It is not targeted towards everyone.
* Beware that pornography is not just an Internet commodity. It is becoming widely available on cell phones, iPods, and video games.
How to guard yourself against temptation:
* Separate yourself from people, circumstances, and places that may be harmful to you or put you in a situation where you are likely to fail.
-When fleeing temptation, don’t leave a forwarding address.
-Pray without ceasing for help/ask for priesthood blessings.
-Put a filter on your computer.
* Exercise Self control.
-Turn off the TV, walk out of the room.
-When impure thoughts come to your mind, don’t invite them in and
offer them tea and crumpets. You shouldn’t be serving tea anyway.
-Imagine the faces of those who love you.
* Cultivate an environment where the Spirit of the Lord is present, such
as your home or the temple.
* Always remember Christ. Doing so will help you avoid thinking of impure things.
-Remember that when we sin, we hurt him and you’re putting yourself
in a situation where you cannot be rescued by him.
* “Give place no more for the enemy of your soul,” just like Nephi did.

Counsel from the Saturday Morning Session


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