Monday, July 14, 2008

Following the Promptings of the Spirit

"Only when my heart has been still and quiet, in submission like a little child, has the Spirit been clearly audible to my heart and mind." - President Henry B. Eyring

Last night I received a prompting that seemed almost silly to me and I thought it might have been my own worries. I was invited to attend a concert with a few members of my family. I decided I would go. I thought it sounded fun, especially to be with my sister and my Mom. As I was reading my scriptures last night I was feeling quite uneasy. I noticed that I was feeling this way but didn't know why. I continued to read when I felt I should not attend the concert. I thought I was being silly but kept thinking about this while I completed the remaining chapters of my reading. I decided that I needed to pray about this seemingly silly situation. I knelt and asked if I should go to the concert or if I had truly received a prompting. The thought quickly popped into my head about being uneasy earlier and then the Spirit whispered to me, "That is your answer."

I receive promptings on a daily basis, I am sure. I think that most often I do not notice them; that they are so woven into my daily life that they have become harder to pin point and to recognize as promptings instead I see them as my own direction and ideas. I hope to be able to be more like Elder Eyring and notice the hand of the Lord in my life daily.

No matter how simple the situation or the prompting I received last night I am grateful not only for the direction not to go but also for the wonderful experience of feeling this prompting so strongly. I don't know what would happen if I went to the concert tomorrow night but I know that the Holy Ghost gave me a warning and in so doing a great blessing that I am incredibly grateful for. The Holy Ghost truly does guide us as long as we are living worthily and find time to have our heart still, quiet, and submissive like a child.

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