Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Scripture Power

Tonight I learned a little bit about SCRIPTURE POWER. So my husband has been gone most of the day excluding a brief sighting around dinner time and about that time I was at my wits end. My toddler was super grouchy and tantrumy and I started to turn in that direction myself.

Then as my husband is about to walk out the door again I realized that we didn't squeeze our scripture study in during his "visit", this meant that I was going to have to do scripture study, with my son, on my own, and I was sure with his mood and mine it was going to be an absolute disaster.

Well, to get us rolling I started to sing the chorus to Scripture Power (you can get MP3s and PDFs of the song here) and when I finished he said in his almost-two year old way, "scripture powers". This made me smile...we were off to a good start.

We continued on with me reading just 4 verses (well half reading, half story-telling) and my son sticking Joseph Smith and Angel Moroni and other pieces on our flannel board. When I finished reading he had put all of the pieces on and said "again". Again? Wow, it was going good. I then went back and told a more full account of what we have been talking about the last couple of days and he put the characters on again. And even after all of this he wanted to continue - he asked for Laman and Nephi.

I think I was a little off in thinking it would be an absolute disaster, it turned out to be a great success - he was happy for the rest of the night and I have been smiling myself. Who knew the Power Scriptures could have to turn our moods around and to make the rest of our night a happy one.


RoeH said...

I really believe the thing that somebody said.. Packer? Can't remember. Anyway about singing a hymn. It really does turn things around. And I should do it myself more often.

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find the the flannel board works wonders in a variety of situations! There are some at http://www.funfelt.com if you need more ideas! :) Have fun!