Thursday, March 12, 2009

Facebook Page for LDS Newsroom

So I have yet to join the fun on Facebook and don't know that I ever will but surprisingly the LDS Newsroom has just launched a Facebook page. Check it out and if you are already on Facebook consider becoming a fan to keep up to date on everything.

It is pretty neat that the Church is jumping into all of these great media sources.


CB said...

I just found your blog and I am loving it. Definately a fan of all your posts.

I had to comment here though. I am not a facebook fan - I have considered it kind of a timewaster and a little "devilish" hee hee so it is so funny to me that the church as jumped on the bandwagon.

Oh my the fun of computers!! You just never know.

Pokemon said...

I love your comment here Cherie. I am also not the biggest fan of Facebook but I think it is neat that the church is reaching out using this so popular source to share the gospel. I was surprised to hear about this Facebook page and also about the new YouTube page. They both are really great sources to spread news and wonderful messages to a very wide and growing audience. I agree with you, you just never know.