Thursday, June 4, 2009

Snap Out of It!!!

I've had one of those mornings where I am in a funk. I feel kind of down in the dumps. Emotional. Lonely. You know those days where nothing is really wrong but somehow you feel kinda stinky. Well, that's today.

It reminded me of this picture by Mary Engelbreit and the perfect phrase suggesting that I, "SNAP OUT OF IT!"

I know that I am not the only one who has these kind of days or moments so what do you do when you are in a funk? What are some things you do to Snap Out of It? I am sure we all could glean something from each other's funny, silly, or even spiritual antidotes for a case of funkitis.


Josh and Paige said...

I have noticed that when i am sad, or in a funk, I pray. It never fails to make me feel better. also remembering your blessings and all the wonderful things we have been given :)

DJ said...

When I feel this way I call a friend or do something for someone else. I also remember the blessing that I have and it seems to brighten my mood. It truly works for me!

6L's said...

service!!! when i do soemthing for someone else, it makes all my troubles go away and i realize how good i have it!

pam said...

Its time to take a break and just breathe. Find someone to serve, take a little trip and visit with family, just take the day off and just live. We all have days, have a wonderful day and weekend.

Dianna said...

I clean house and bake. Doing something productive just makes me feel better. Oh, and making lists. I don't know why that makes me feel better, but it does.

Stephanie said...

Similar to Diane, I try to think of somebody worse off than me and do something for them. Usually I make dinner for someone just for the heck of it and take it over... a tired mom, someone who's really busy serving others, etc.

It just gives me a distraction from feeling sorry for myself.

Pokemon said...

What great thoughts you all are sharing. Just so you know, I am in the process of snapping out of it. :)

I figured everyone could relate to this post so I thought I would get all of your great feedback and it is great. I'm sure all of your words will help someone else along the way as well.

I love all of your spiritual thoughts about prayer, service, and counting blessings. I agree those things do help oodles. But to add the list of things that sometimes work for me, and this is on a totally different note, turning on the radio and dancing around a bit can do wonders. :0)

Can any of you relate? Or am I just weird? :) Do any of you have silly or fun pick-me-ups?

Thanks again for all of your far I've prayed, called a sister who is not active in our ward to wish her a happy birthday, read a conference talk, and now I am preparing a nursery lesson. So I've taken most of your words to heart. It seems to be working so far.

Also, Mrs. Mordecai I am a list lover too. I totally get it.

Thanks again for all of your thoughts.

Ashlee said...

I like to get outside. Whether it's sunny or rainy or whatever... getting in nature, taking a few breaths wakes me up inside.

Laurie said...

I get on the treadmill and play really upbeat music. (I can SO relate with the music thing!)

Or I go for a drive by myself - again with the upbeat/louder-than-normal music.

Basically, I let my husband take control of the kids and do something that's just for me!

Which, now that I've read the other comments, sounds selfish. But usually when I'm in a funk, it's because I've been neglecting my own needs. Once I feel nourished, THEN I do all those other things - serving others and what-not. You can't give anything if there's nothing to give.

Oh, and I'm a list-maker, too!

Tony said...

Read! Write! Go around with the missonaries :)
Look at art you really like...take a walk in the park, spend time with little ones, and all the other wonderful suggestions people have given :D