Monday, July 6, 2009

Spiritual Hugs

Several weeks ago our Stake President spoke in our ward. He gave a great talk. He briefly mentioned that we each need and that we each do receive "spiritual hugs". I liked the thought of that.

I often stand in need of an emotional hug. I often stand in need of an appreciative hug. I often stand in need of a loving hug. And I often stand in need of a comforting hug. But I never really thought of the idea of needing spiritual hugs but it is so true. And I now I have noticed them more in my life.

I think that spiritual hugs can come in many forms. Sometimes they come when we seek them and sometimes they come when we least expect them.

There have been many times when reading my patriarchal blessing that I have received a spiritual hug of reassurance and peace that I am doing what I should be doing. Other experiences have come while reading my scriptures or saying my prayers. I think we have all experienced these types of spiritual hugs when we need them most. Sometimes these hugs come in the form on an answer, sometimes they come as a feeling of peace, sometimes they are simply there to let us know that we are loved and that we are known. Whatever the form I hope to more often seek for and recognize the blessings of these "spiritual hugs" in my life.

One experience that I had a few months ago brought a spiritual hug in an interesting moment and way and looking back it was indeed a hug:

It was a Sunday afternoon after our early Sunday dinner. My husband and little boy were spending time together in another room and I was doing the dishes. Just to give my husband some credit here, this was by my insistence...he really is good at helping or simply doing the dishes, but this particular day our little boy was demanding some extra attention and so I sent the two on their way.

So I was chipping along in our messy kitchen and before I knew it I was singing Hymns as I went (not a typical task). I quickly felt a great source of peace as I cleaned up (also not a common occurence). I felt so blessed to have all that I have. I felt the Spirit touch me deeply and it almost brought me to tears. I felt warm and happy inside. I was unloading and loading the dishwasher, clearing off the leftovers, wiping the counters and yet at that moment the Lord saw an opportunity to reach me and to teach me and to remind me of how much I am loved and blessed. It was a wonderful Spiritual Hug when I least expected it.

I am grateful for the Holy Ghost and I am grateful for spiritual hugs. I know that the Lord truly is mindful of us. I know that He knows each one of us and knows when we need Him most. He knows when we are down in the dumps. He knows when we struggle to make the right choices. He knows that all along our journey we will need spiritual hugs or spiritual boosts to bouy us up. Often these moments are given freely and without a request by our part but sometimes we must ask and He will promptlygive us or lead us to where we might find a spiritual hug.

In Psalms 115:12 it says, "The Lord hath been mindful of us: he will bless us;" The Lord is indeed mindful of us and He does so abundantly bless us. How and when have you received spiritual hugs in your life?


katers said...

I think my spiritual hugs often come in the way you mentioned. I'll be doing some mundane housekeeping task, and all of a sudden, I get that feeling. It lets me know that what I do is important, and appreciated. It has strengthened my testimony of motherhood and womanhood.

Lori said...

Thanks for this post. I must have been out with the little ones during that portion of his talk, and so I'm so glad you mentioned it here.

Tony said...

I have most definitely recieved such hugs, usually through others :)

Case in point:
Just the other weekend, I was with a family in my ward whom I had known since joining, and I absolutely adore them, as I do my whole ward family.

We were at a hotel up in Durham NH for their son's dressage rally (horse event) and it was spiritual enough being around those beautiful creatures. What really got me though is when I laid down to bed for the night. As I thought of the family I was with in that room that night, and the fact that they were sealed together for eternity, and truly loved each other, I was just in awe. My heart was so full of gratitude that I just can't explain it. It was if I could feel the eternal bond that held them together, and I honestly wished for a minute that I was part of it. But then I remembered that one day we will all be connected and return to Heavenly Father as His family.

All these things and more seem to be the spiritual hugs that I get on an almost weekly basis :)

Tony said...

Just reading my old post gave me that hug all over again :)