Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Elderly Example

After watching this video I am reminded of a moment I had a few weeks ago as I sat in Relief Society. There is a very neat elderly lady in my ward. She receives a ride to church each Sunday and help making her way down the hall to the classrooms and she never misses. When she speaks she is filled with the Spirit. This particular Sunday I watched as two sisters helped her put on her coat. It was a simple moment and yet I was deeply touched...not so much by the small act of service but more so by the dedication of this wonderful women and her great attitude toward life. She struggles with ordinary tasks such as putting on her own coat but often you see her make her way to the stand to bear testimony. She is a great example to me.


AllAboutMormons said...

I think this is a great video, but it is wrong in implying that we'll all get Alzheimers eventually. Alzheimers is the most common form of dementia, but it is not a normal, inevitable part of the aging process. That's why it's called a "disease."

Hopefully we'll have a cure soon!

Pokemon said...

I think the video was trying to say that we will all be touched by the disease in some way. We may have a parent or a spouse who has it or we may possibly deal with it ourselves but I don't think the video was trying to imply that all will get Alzheimers.

But when it comes down to it I think the most important message of the video is the title itself, "In Sickness and Health". We must stick by our loved ones through it all.

Elaine said...

That was a wonderful video and a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing!