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October 2010 General Conference Counsel

Here is a list of counsel given during General Conference by the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles with a few extra notes of counsel following. A more personal note on General Conference to follow soon:

Thomas S. Monson• Continue to faithfully attend the temple.
• Every worthy, able young man should prepare to serve a full-time mission.
• Prepare for service to the Lord.
• Stay worthy.
• Maintain your health and strength.
• Attend seminary/institute.
• Study Preach my Gospel.
• Keep the commandments 100% of the time. It’s easier than doing so 98% of the time.
• Give thanks for all of the blessings you receive from God.
• Don’t focus on what you don’t have…focus on what you do have.
• Don’t wait until it’s too late to express gratitude to loved ones.
• Frequently express your gratitude…especially to those you love the most.
• When things are difficult, think of your blessings.
• Always reflect on your gratitude for the Savior.
• Follow Christ and emulate His perfect example of gratitude.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf
• Resist the temptation to get caught up in the franticness of everyday life.
• Simplify your life by slowing down and focusing on what matters most.
• Spend time alone with God in order to strengthen your relationship with Him.
• Be sensitive to others’ needs and serve them.
• Don’t criticize or belittle yourself.
• Get to know yourself better so you can see yourself as God sees you.
• Don’t be concerned with self-gratification in your callings from the Lord.
• Roll up your sleeves and help to prepare the world for the Second Coming. The work of the gospel is not about you.
• Don’t beat yourself up or withhold your talents in the name of humility. That is not humility.
• Think less about yourself, not less of yourself.
• Don’t complain when you are serving in “lesser” callings or tasks. Remember that you are tools in God’s hands.
• Reach out to serve rather than seeking recognition and praise of man.

Henry B. Eyring
• Do whatever is required to qualify for the Holy Ghost and then do whatever the Lord asks you to do.
• Never miss an opportunity take upon yourself the name of Christ through the sacrament.
• Be humble and recognize your need for the Holy Ghost.
• Pray for manifestations of the Holy Ghost in your service and for those you serve.
• Read, study, and ponder the words of Christ. Those are three different, distinct things.
• Magnify your calling by performing the service that pertains to it.
• Show your trust for God by showing Him your intent to learn and then go and do.

Boyd K. Packer
• Study the Family Proclamation as a revelation from God.
• Pay attention when God says, “Thou shalt…” or “Thou shalt not…”
• If you are bound by addiction, you must stop. Angels will coach you and priesthood leaders will guide you.
• You need to know that forgiveness means forgiveness. Forgive yourself.
• Once you’ve repented, don’t look back like Lot’s wife did.
• Delete from your mind any unclean thought that comes.

L. Tom Perry
• Follow the Holy Ghost and honor your priesthood. You will have access to the ministering of angels.
• Parents and Bishops: Teach Aaronic Priesthood holders their duties and the doctrine of the priesthood.
• Build your lives on a foundation of truth.
• Priesthood holders: Determine a day that you will honor your priesthood, advance in each quorum, prepare for the Melchizedek Priesthood, and prepare for full-time missionary service.

Russell M. Nelson
• Be an example of the believers in Christ.
• Every worthy, able young man should prepare to serve a full-time mission.
• Prepare to serve now by living with purity and doing good things.
• All members of the Church should prepare themselves to share the gospel with others.
• After you have had a gospel conversation, take the next step by inviting your friends to church.
• Reach out to those you don’t know.
• Every Sunday, find somebody that you don’t know at church and reach out to them.
• Invite others to prayerfully read the Book of Mormon.
• Explain that the Book of Mormon is not a novel or a history book, but a book of scripture that will bring them closer to God.
• Invite your friends to meet with the missionaries.
• Use Internet resources like to share the gospel.

Dallin H. Oaks
• All should be familiar with and use your two lines of communication with God: Personal line and Priesthood line.
• Don’t rely on priesthood leaders to make personal decisions for you.
• Don’t let your personal line of communication with God function independently from the priesthood line.
• You can’t communicate through your personal line if you are disobedient to the priesthood line.
• Don’t let the priesthood line supersede your need for a personal line.
• The priesthood line can’t function fully without your personal obedience.
Keep a healthy balance in relying on both the personal line and the priesthood line of communication with God.

M. Russell Ballard
• Stay away from Satan’s lures. He will try to enslave us.
• Carefully follow doses prescribed by doctors when taking prescription medications. Keep these out of the reach of others.
• Don’t relinquish your agency in any area—drugs, video games, texting, gambling, pornography.
• Escape addiction by fervently praying.
• Use priesthood leaders, professional help to assist you in overcoming.

Richard G. Scott
• Trust in God and His ability to provide you with help.
• Obey the commandments.
• Be sensitive to and apply the promptings from the Holy Ghost.
• Be patient in your faith.
• Be thankful that God sometimes allows you to struggle. It helps your faith to grow.
• Four principles for you to follow: Faith, Repentance, Obedience, Selfless Service.
• Always try to make decisions that will fortify your character.

Robert D. Hales
• Come back and repent when you find yourself limited in choices because of unrighteous behavior.
• Follow God now just like you did in the pre-mortal world.

David A. Bednar
• Desire, seek, work, and live so you can receive the Holy Ghost.
• Three keys to receiving the Holy Ghost:
• Desire – Don’t be distracted by the cares of the world or daily routines.
• Invite – Make and keep covenants, participate in Scripture Study, Family Home Evening, keep good family relationships, think virtuous thoughts, worship God at home, church, and the temple.
• Obey – Do things like temple, church, scriptures, prayers, service, obedience. These things are not isolated tasks that w should randomly do. They are all designed to help us receive the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

Quentin L. Cook
• Do your best to preserve light and gospel values in your home and family.
• Cultivate consistent religious observance in your home—Family Home Evening, scripture study, prayers.
• Don’t let destructive influences interfere with your family life.
• Be a good influence to those in your community.
• Live these two principles: Honesty and respect for others.
• Don’t let your voice be silent. Be a light to the world.

D. Todd Christofferson
Become a consecrated member of the Church by doing these five things:
• Purity (Repent, do all God requires, put off the natural man).
• Labor (All honest work is from God. Develop strong work habits. Work to enjoy wholesome leisure activities).
• Respect for body (Don’t disfigure, debilitate, or defile your body with tattoos, drugs, or immorality).
• Service (Be about Heavenly Father’s business. Develop a listening ear for service opportunities from the Spirit).
• Integrity (Don’t take advantage of other people. Live your life with complete honesty).

Neil L. Andersen
• Try to obtain the believing heart of a child—become submissive, meek, patient, humble, full of love, and willing to submit.
• You need to develop deep roots in your testimony so when troubles come upon you or you are mocked for your beliefs you won’t fall.
• Don’t compare what we are to be with what those who haven’t made covenants are to be. “Where much is given, much is required.”
• Nourish your testimony so it can keep you safe.

Other important counsel
• Follow the prophet.
• Choose to have faith. Don’t doubt things you don’t understand.
• Don’t respond with laziness or rebelliousness when it comes to living the gospel.
• Make your home a place where the Spirit can dwell.
• Read For the Strength of the Youth and have meaningful discussions with your family about the principles inside.
• Make sure that the media you use is consistent with gospel principles.
• Don’t purchase clothing that is too tight, sheer, or revealing.
• Parents should not be afraid to say no to their children, let them stay out too late, be cautious about sleepovers, and not let children stay out too late.
• Beware of things that could destroy you from the inside-out.
• If something is right, do it. If it’s wrong, don't do it.

What was your personal favorite talk?
What goals do you have to follow the counsel given?


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You can also find quotes categorized by topic of the October 2010 conference at

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