Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Are YOU Thankful For?

Today, my son and I created turkeys out of pumpkins. At first we were going to name them. Mine was going to be Gretchen and we hadn't decided on a name for his Turkey yet. But then we changed our minds. My son agreed and we determined together that they would say, "Happy Thanksgiving" and "What are YOU Thankful For?" It reminded me of this video from last Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

Here are 25 things that I'm thankful for (in no particular order):
  1.  laughter
  2. sunshine
  3. hugs
  4. children
  5. family
  6. fall smells
  7. sleep
  8. my honey
  9. my membership in the Church
  10. Saturdays
  11. gardens
  12. a house
  13. cars
  14. walks
  15. potato bugs
  16. the first snow
  17. time
  18. my testimony
  19. Jesus Christ
  20. health
  21. technology
  22. the Gift of the Holy Ghost
  23. loving parents
  24. music
  25. a quiet house
What are you thankful for?


Anonymous said...

There are SO many things to be thankful. It is great to have a holiday that makes us take time from our busy lives to sit and realize all the blessings we have. It is a time to be thankful. I am thankful for Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful list. We all are truly blessed! I'm grateful for this time of year and how it reminds us of our blessing.

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Anonymous said...

One game that I've played with Primay and Youth Groups is similar to a popular game.

Write every letter of the alphabet on the left hand side of a piece of paper (one piece of paper for wach person). Then set a time limit and have everyone write something they are grateful for that starts with that letter (A = atonement, apples, aunts, etc.).

The goal is to write something that no one else will write. Then when time is up, go around the room and start reading your list (if you have a big group, choose a letter out of a hat and just do those). You get points for each "Unique" answer. It's amazing what kind of answers you get.