Thursday, December 30, 2010

More in 2011!

I can't believe that 2010 is nearing an end.  I swear it took me half of the year to get used to writing 2010 or 10 and now it is time to switch gears yet again.  Time seems to go faster every year and get a little crazier. This was my first full year with two munchkins to keep track of and very little free Mommy time during the day.  This was my first year of being a crazy coupon lady.  This was the year of my first experience taking family members to the hospital and dentist for "surgeries".  It has been a good year, a learning year, a growing year.  Now with a new year beginning and more crazy adventures awaiting I have been thinking a lot about change. Changes I want to make. New ideas.  Old ideas revamped.  More motivation.  Broken down itty-bitty goals that lead to meeting the overall goal.  Yes, I really want to RESOLVE to make several needed changes.

In our world of "MORE".  In our world of people who are constantly seeking for more money, more things, more toys, more individual pleasure, more worldliness, I hope I can spend this year seeking for more of the things of the kingdom of God.  Here are a few of the mores that I hope to  improve on:

- More prepared Family Home Evenings.
- More involved and prepared Family Scripture Study.
- More balance in my life.
- More time spent with loved ones.
- More appreciation, love, and affection given to loved ones.
- a More organized and clean home.
- More patience.
- More focus on healthy living.

I love the Hymn, "More Holiness Give Me".  What a great reminder of the things we should be seeking after,  The things we should be striving to make apart of our lives.  Let us all seek for MORE of the things that truly matter this coming year.


Laura Lynn said...

I love all of your "Mores." I hope to implement some of those as well.
Good luck in 2011!


Jettboy said...

I want you to know that I have enjoyed reading this blog and have included it inMy personal list of Faithful blogs. Thank you.