Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our Kitchen Table is Getting Ready for General Conference, Are You?

Well, General Conference is just around the corner and it is time to get the creative juices going, print off some activities, and gear our children up (and ourselves) for the 8 hour spiritual feast (or 10 hours if you are a Preisthood holder).

In October we pulled our small kitchen table into the living room and let the fun roll.  We had my little boy doing things from painting prayers rocks, to coloring the ties of the apostles and prophets, to playing with playdough, to playing general conference bingo.  I had activites selected for different topics, prayer rocks were done while someone spoke abour prayer.  Playdough was done while someone spoke about love and we tried to shape it into hearts. Etc.  It was a successful experience last time around.  He was entertained and yet he listened.  I remember him shouting out "he just talked about Jesus", or missionaries, or anything that was on the bingo sheet.  We even left the table there for our meals and our 3 year old, at the time, loved the fun change.  It could get a little more interesting this time around since our 1 year old only has one nap now.  Last time she went down around 10 and 2 and it was perfect so we shall see how this time rolls. 

If nothing else our table is ready for its job.  When I told my son that General Conference was almost here he got super excited and said something like, "so we get to bring the table in here and do tons of fun stuff".  I hope I can pull something together that will hold that excitement and keep him listening and learning throughout the whole 8 hours.

What do you do to keep your kids and yourself glued to the TV and supping up every last morsel of general conference goodness?  What General Conference traditions do you have?

Here are a few links that may help in your preparations:
I really could go on and on.  The internet is just full of ideas, activies, and printables for this exciting event.  Please share your preparations or traditions.


Michelle H said...

Thanks for all the links. I've never done anything to help my kids stay interested all day...I'm going to take a stab at this year!

Hesses Madhouse said...

It is a total food fest at our house, and we have our traditional fare. We look forward to homemade donuts in the morning with fruit and hot cocoa. In between sessions, we have soup on bread bowls.

We do conference bingo, but not much else. We always have families come watch with us, and we hook the computer up to the computer and show it on the wall. It's one weekend when the kids get to stay in their jammies.

Your ideas sound great! Thanks. I think I'll have to expand my plans this year now that you've given me a headstart.

Pokemon said...

Thanks for the comments and ideas. I like the idea of a food tradition to make it even more special. :)

Foster Mom said...

i've also never done anything but this year will be diff! Thanks for your blog. it has really inspired me to be a better "outloud" member. i will be back often, thanks!