Sunday, May 1, 2011

Do you want to serve with me....and my kids...and my neighborhood?

Then come right along.  I knew you'd say yes. :)

So I recently started a little service group of moms and their kidlets in our neighborhood.  After Conference I felt like I needed to serve more, serve more in general, but mostly that I needed to serve more along side my children.  So that was my plan and then one night as I was reading my scriptures a thought popped into my little head that said something like, "hey, why not make it a group effort" and then with some teetering back and forth on the idea I finally succumbed and our service group was born.  It has taken over my brain for a while and finally I feel like things are falling into place.  Whew!

Then you see...a new idea came to me and I thought hmmm why not bring the whole blogging world (well the miniscule portion of that world who actually peeks at this blog) along and see what we can do.   So of course this will take a lot of initiative on your part since you don't actually live near me but if you want to follow along and do something similar in your area then please join us.  I will periodically post things that we are doing here and if it is something that would work for you and your family then please serve away and let us know how it goes.

Our current service opportunity is making a tape for an elderly Sister in our ward who is unable to attend church due to health issues.  She spends her Sundays listening to and watching Conference and other Church materials. The children will be leaving short messages and singing her primary songs on a tape.  We will then deliver it to her as a group.   I am already super excited to bring her our creation, I think she will love it.  I am almost giddy about it. 

This one is still on.  So if you know of an elderly person in your area who could use a visit, a card, a treat, or maybe even a tape make an effort over the next few weeks to make their day.  Then come back and share your warm service fuzzies. :)

Isn't service fun?!?

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