Monday, November 14, 2011

FHE Idea: Thanksgiving - Gratitude Tree

Okay, so I am finally back to posting...I think. ;) 

I am sure that many of you have seen or done something similar to this at your homes but just in case I thought I'd share something we started last FHE at our house that would work just as great to start tonight or next Monday as well.

First, we told the story of the Ten Lepers and how only one came back to tell Christ thank you and how it might have made Him feel.  We talked about how we feel when someone thanks us or maybe when they don't.  We talked about specific things we could say thank you for and how we need to always remember to thank Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and others for all of the things we are blessed with in our lives.

And then we created this beautiful Thankful or Gratitude Tree.  I had previously cut out all of the leaves (I'd highly recommend sticking with simple patterns or just cutting out free hand.)  We created the tree on the spot.  I cut out random shapes and sizes of branches and my husband and two little ones created this masterpiece of a tree.  It was fun to create the tree together. 

We each chose three leaves that night and wrote down something we are thankful for on them and shared them with each other.  Since last Monday each morning as part of our Morning Devotional we have added a leaf or two to the tree.

It is fun to hear what my 4 and 2 year old come up with.  We have things on the tree like,
  • When people say I love you.
  • Smiles
  • Temples
  • My little sister.
  • Friends.
  • Family.
  • Baby (doll)
  • The Priesthood
It has been good to stop each morning and think of something we are thankful for as we start the day.  I hope we all can have an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday and one filled with gratitude!


Michelle H said...

This is a really cute tree. Thanks for the idea.

Ashlee said...

Cute Paige!