Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mormonad - Down on Yourself

How often do you find yourself feeling down? Just a few weeks ago I was feeling low. I wasn't being my usual self and I was pulling my usual self down. I think that we all have days or even weeks like this so I thought that this post would be a good reminder of how the things that make us unique are wonderful and that we are all Children of God and have great potential.

“Comparing yourself to others can … result in either feelings of inferiority or superiority. … Accept yourself as the unique person that you are without comparing yourself to others. Doing this will help you love yourself properly without conceit” (Clark Swain, “Q & A,” New Era, Mar. 1979, p. 38) and I would also add that it will help you love yourself without being "down on yourself".

Q&A in the New Era: I have a bad habit of comparing myself to others. I know I’m being unfair to myself, and it makes me discouraged. How can I stop? To find out some answers to this question click here.

With all my capacity I encourage you to discover who you really are. I invite you to look beyond the daily routine of life. I urge you to discern through the Spirit your divinely given capacities. I exhort you to prayerfully make worthy choices that will lead you to realize your full potential (Richard G. Scott, “Realize Your Full Potential,” Liahona, Nov 2003, 41–43).

I love the story of "The Ugly Duckling" He was different than the others but his potential was immense. Enjoy the video below.

The Ugly Duckling - Disney Silly Symphony

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