Sunday, October 5, 2008

General Conference Should Bring Change

So it is hard to believe that the long awaited General Conference weekend is over. So now what? We've heard all of this counsel and many of us are on a spiritual high and feel so renewed and motivated to be better. So what are we actually going to do? I always tend to leave the spiritual high of this wonderful weekend with hopes of doing and becoming so much better yet still find myself losing my spiritual ooomf all to quick. I hope I make this time a little different.

My husband created this sheet with all of the counsel given during conference (excluding the General Relief Society Meeting). Hopefully I will add the counsel from that session sometime soon. We have oodles and oodles of things that we can choose from to work on in our lives. Here is the link to the counsel given ---> 2008 General Conference Counsel.

Now I just thought I would share just a few of my thoughts on Conference and a few of my favorite quotes or ideas.

Elder Perry - Spiritual benefits come from a simple lifestyle.
I loved this. All to often we add unecessary things on our plates. We tackle too much at once. We make things priorities that should be some of the least important things in our lives. He focused on going back to the basics and taking care of the simple things in life. I liked this - Pause. Reflect. Heal. We all could use more of that in our lives.

Elder Andersen - Spiritual-footing.
He mentioned spiritual-footing kind of in passing in his talk but it really stuck out to me. Footing means to have a secure and established position or to have a strong foundation. It made me ask the question, "How is my spiritual-footing? Am I secure and firm in my spirituality?"

Elder Oaks - Prepare to Participate in Sacrament Meeting
There were so many things that stuck out to me in this talk - 1. Be seated and reverent well before the meeting starts. 2. Sacrament Meeting should be treated like we were going to the temple. 3. How we dress shows how well prepared we are, including our footwear. 4. Sometimes we violate the covenant we are making in the very meeting that we are making it.

This last one really stuck out to me. We covenant that we will always remember Christ but sometimes and maybe even quite often in the very meeting that we are making this covenant to Remember the Savior we are forgetting Him - our minds are wondering. I have much to work on here. I often blame my lack of paying close attention or focusing on the covenants I am making on the distraction of having a young child. This was a great reminder of the need for greater reverence, greater respect, greater worship, and greater self-control in truly participating in the Sacrament.

Elder Wirthlin - Learn to Laugh
I loved this great antidote to help us through tough times...Laughter. He gave a great talk which provided us all with a great laugh. I loved this counsel to learn to laugh even during hard or trying times.

Elder Hales - Christian Courage
I really liked this line, "Meekness (humble, submissive, patient) is not weekness it is the badge of Chrisitan Courage."

Sister Dalton - Return to Virtue
A great question to ask ourselves - Have we been slowly desensitized to think that good moral standards are old fashioned? We must engage in strict training and return to virtue.

Elder Ballard - Walk across the street
"He isn't asking us to walk across a nation but to walk across the street." What a great reminder to help those that are around us, to be more willing to serve, and to share in such simple ways.

Elder Cook - Birthday Gift for President Monson
He mentioned what President Monson would want from us for his birthday - it is to find someone who is having a hard time and do something for them. What a good birthday wish!

President Monson - Remember
"May we LONG remember what we have heard at General Conference."

These are just a few thoughts that I wanted to share and I am sure there will be many more to come. I would love for you to share (comment) the things that you hope to remember, the message that most impressed you, and/or how you are going to apply the counsel to your life.

Just as President Monson said, may we LONG remember the things we have heard. Also, may we allow the things we heard to bring change in our lives.

Here is a link to the messages given at General Conference ---> General Conference October 2008

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