Thursday, October 2, 2008

Conference: It's for the Whole Family

It is time to get ready for General Conference and so with it approaching quickly I thought I would post a few links to some wonderful Conference packets/games and a few Apostle get to know you activities that others have created to keep their children both entertained and participating in conference. Most of the links I found on one of my favorite sites - You can find so many ideas and printables on this site. I just had to put a little plug in.

"Helping general conference become a meaningful experience for children is often a challenge. But it is important for children as well as adults to listen to and appreciate the words of our General Authorities." This article has many suggestions from other parents on how to help the whole family get something out of conference.

I hope that some of these activities help both you and your children get something out of this General Conference.

General Conference Folder - by Melanie Day


First Presidency and Apostles Matching Game - A great way to help your children know who is who. This might be a lot of fun to play before conference.

Apostle Cards - by Melanie Day (Picture and Basic Info about each Apostle/Prophet)

Apostle Song - A video to help get to know the Apostles.


Conference Chase - by Ondrea Slade - A fun game to play with your kids while watching conference.

Conference ABC's - 2005 Friend

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Shane's Angie said...

Thank you for these links! I'm using lots of them for Achievement Days and my own kids! Sooo cool! Thanks for sharing!