Monday, December 15, 2008

Revised Young Women Theme

A Return to Virtue
"Now is the time for a return to virtue!"

The attribute and value of Virtue has been added to the Young Women theme. "Virtue is a pattern of thought and behavior based on high moral standards. It encompasses chastity and moral purity."

The time has come for the young women of the Church to lead the world in a return to virtue. This is the time to be pure and to qualify for the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

"I believe one virtuous young woman led by the Spirit can change the world."

Elaine S. Dalton,
Young Women General President

Virtue is a prerequisite to entering the Lord’s holy temples and to receiving the Spirit’s guidance. Virtue “is a pattern of thought and behavior based on high moral standards.”6 It encompasses chastity and moral purity. Virtue begins in the heart and in the mind. It is nurtured in the home. It is the accumulation of thousands of small decisions and actions. Virtue is a word we don’t hear often in today’s society, but the Latin root word virtus means strength. Virtuous women and men possess a quiet dignity and inner strength. They are confident because they are worthy to receive and be guided by the Holy Ghost. President Monson has counseled: “You be the one to make a stand for right, even if you stand alone. Have the moral courage to be a light for others to follow. There is no friendship more valuable than your own clear conscience, your own moral cleanliness—and what a glorious feeling it is to know that you stand in your appointed place clean and with the confidence that you are worthy to do so.”7

When looking up the word virtue in the dictionary it said that it is moral excellence, goodness, and/or righteousness. What a great value to add to the list of YW values - Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Good Works, Integrity, and now Virtue.

It should be our goal to be more virtuous and to seek for the virtuous just as the 13th Article of Faith states - "If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things."

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