Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mormons Made Simple

I just received an email from a couple (Doug and Laurel) informing me of their wonderful new site called Mormons Made Simple. It is in the beginning stages but has a few wonderful videos (with more to come) that explain basics about Mormons in a very simple way.

In this first video you will find out what it is like "Attending a Mormon Church Service". In the video you will find "A simple explanation of what to expect when attending a Mormon worship service. You'll learn: how to find a chapel, what to wear, and what to do when you arrive."

The second video is about "The Book of Mormon". "This video provides a brief introduction to the Book of Mormon. You'll learn where it came from, what it contains, and how to receive your own free copy."

You can find out more by visiting their website at the link provided at the top of the post. These videos are great tools. Doug and Laurel are encouraging others to add a video to your website, blog, facebook page, or simply email this to a friend. Both members and those who are not members can be benefited from this great resource.

Thanks for sharing, Doug and Laurel!

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