Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Apostle's Easter Thoughts on Christ: None Were with Him

I loved Elder Holland's powerful thoughts this Conference and so I was thrilled to find out that a video had been created of a portion of his talk and was posted on Mormon Messages. This would be a good video to sit down and watch with your family on Easter day or even for FHE on Monday. If you missed his talk or even if you didn't, I urge you to read the entire talk HERE (All of the Conference talks are now available in English).

This Easter season let us remember what our Savior has down for us. Let us remember that He understands the things we go through and that He knows us personally. Let us remember that He lives.


Stephanie said...

Just wanted to invite you and your readers to participate in a General Conference Book Club that I'm starting tomorrow at my blog. We're doing Elder Holland's message as our first talk. It was my favorite, too. :)

(You can delete this if you don't want it in your comments thread, but just wanted to let you know about it if it's something you'd like to pass along.)

Laurie said...

Elder Holland's talk was definitely a powerful one. Adding music and video to emphasize his words makes it even more powerful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this video. It was really good.