Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Centered on Christ

Many of you have probably seen this in the Friend but for those who haven't there is a wonderful page titled, "An Easter Testimony". It shares 7 events, along with the scriptures where they can be found, from Christ instituting the Sacrament to Christ appearing to His apostles after his resurrection.
We are in the process of reading the scriptures throughout this week and I plan to then cut out each picture and put them in eggs this weekend. My little boy will go on a little hunt to find the eggs and then we will put them in order of when they happened and discover the secret message.

I love that the Friend makes it so simple to know how to make Holidays centered where the should be, on the Savior.

There are so many other wonderful ideas online. Check out Sugardoodle's Easter page for more ideas centered on Christ.

What are you doing to celebrate the true meaning and purpose of Easter?


Stephanie said...

Just want to tell you again that I really love your blog. You do great stuff here.

WHITEShadow said...

Easter is a special holiday to celebrate because remembering Christ's atonement and resurrection brings hope and faith.