Monday, January 4, 2010

New Family Scripture Study Method

Well we finished going through the Gospel Art Book for our family scripture study time a little while back and kind of got out of a good purposeful rhythm. My husband would just select something to read for the night; we didn't have a plan. At least we were still reading but now we are back on track with a plan. We did our Christmas readings and now we are on to using the scripture portion of each lesson in the nursery manual. It has been great . Often there are songs, simple activities, and pictures that require no previous planning time and our little boy seems to be more interested again.

We recently had three days that we were talking about Jesus' love for us all. One of the stories was of Christ visiting the Nephites after he was resurrected and blessing the children. We briefly explained what it means to be resurrected to our little boy (almost 3 years old). The next morning at breakfast he said, "I like resurrected. I like being alive." So cute. I love when there is evidence of scripture study.


LKP said...

bravo! 3 years old? not an easy task to teach that concept to young ones. then again they are closer & closer to the truth then we are that age. must feel so familiar & comfortable for him. thanks for the inspiration.

Brooke Jones said...

We are using that manual for our FHE lessons this year.

Ashlee said...

Little "he's listening!" moments are the best! We totally love the nursery manual around here. It's been a great help to our FHE's.