Friday, January 15, 2010

A Two Year Olds Power Within

I think that I have mentioned before that each night as we begin our little family scripture time we sing the chorus of Scripture Power, which goes like this:

Scripture power keeps me safe from sin.
Scripture power is the power to win.
Scripture power! Ev’ry day I need
The power that I get each time I read.

I really like this song but for some reason I want to sing the second line of the song this way instead,

"Scripture power is the power within."

Scripture power is the power to win but I like the idea that the power that the scriptures bring to keep us safe from sin can be internalized. As we read the scriptures regularly the power that the scriptures contain can be contained within ourselves and then can be used whenever we might need it.

I have been discovering more and more lately how much the scriptures can truly sink into even young children. I truly hope that we can teach the scriptures to our children so that the power of the scriptures may be within them, always there, internalized--for their safety. I hope that I too can begin to more fully internalize the word of God and take hold of the power that can be within myself.

My little boy (just shy of 3 years old) is such a good example to me of keeping the scriptures in the front of his mind always. Enjoy his cute words (this was not all in one day but about a two week span):

Breakfast Time:
The morning after we talked about Christ visiting the Nephites after he was resurrected, he says, "I like resurrected. I like being alive."

Playtime (at the library):
He is playing with blocks next to a boy who is around 8 years old and says to him, "I'm building Jerusalem." The boy gives him a "your weird" kind of look and says, "I'm building a spaceship." I'm thinking...does he really know what Jerusalem is? He then says, "This is Nephi's house, the Nephites live here." He continues to tell each new child that arrives that he is building Jerusalem.

Lunch Time (this one is not scripture related, but super cute):
He says super slowly, "I'm Chris-toff-er-son." I don't think he knew what he was going to say before he said it.
I say in an astonished voice, "You're Christofferson?"
He giggles and says, "just pretend".
Then I say, "I'm Elder Bednar."
And we place an apostle with other family members and he thinks it is the funniest game, producing giggle after giggle. It was a fun lunch.

Dinner Time:
I ask, "Are you going to play any sports when you get older?"
He says, "I'm going to Bethlehem."
I say, "What's in Bethlehem?"
"Stars and shepherds."

If only I could be like my little boy and bring the scriptures into my everyday happenings so effortlessly. Just think...doing the dishes and turning a bowl into Nephi's ship sailing to the promised land or when asked what I am planning to do this weekend I respond "I'm going to Zarahemla." ;) You gotta love the imagination of little ones and their innocent and wonderful examples. I hope that I can follow the example of my little boy and truly apply and live and ponder the word of God each and everyday and thus carry it within myself.

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Stephanie said...

yep, definitely within. Cute, cute stories.