Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bible for iPhones and iPod Touch

I recently was introduced to this new Wave Study Bible that you can use on iPhones and iPod Touch. It has 4 versions of the Bible including the King James Version. I thought some of you might be interested in checking it out. It is completely FREE so to find out more click HERE.

This is a statement from one of the creators -

"Other study Bibles are like libraries. They are full of a lot of reference works, and are real good at putting you in touch with what other people have seen in the Bible. Wave Study Bible is like a magnifying glass and is real good at putting you in touch with what *you* see in the Bible. It is not full of the results of other people's study, it fills you with the results of your study."


mountains-to-climb said...

Hi! Following you back from my blog! I saw that but I think my hubby & I are going to splurge for the app that is $30 because it has all the scriptures (with the exceptions of Ensigns but who knows maybe they do). I already downloaded the hymns & Children's hymns. It helps when the children fight over the hymn books :)

Larisa En Kinderen said...

The free application Modern Bible (version of World English Bible) is best for iPhone and iPad.

Link to iTunes App Store is: