Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Q and A: How to Continue Preparing in the Midst of a Storm?

So here is a question from a reader of this post.  I've decided that it deserves it's own post so you all can respond and help her out.  I am not sure I have a good answer so please share your thoughts and feelings or experiences:

"We HAD some food storage, but recently started enduring a storm of our own and have had to use a bit of it. So my question is, is there a way to store away or supplement for another or greater storm or more aggressive stage of a current storm while IN a storm currently? I'm feeling overwhelmed. Any ideas would be great, cause i don't want to become complacent thinking that this is it, this is my storm."


Michaela Stephens said...

My thought is this: When the storm has come, the time for preparation has past.
I would say, focus on getting through the storm you're in.

Pokemon said...

So I have been thinking about this question and I found a few quotes that might help:

Sister Barbara B. Smith defined provident living as being “wise, frugal, prudent, making provision for the future while attending to immediate needs” (Ensign, May
1976, p. 118).

The thing I like most from this quote is that it says, "while attending to immediate needs". Just like Michaela said in the previous comment you have to get through the storm you're in right now. Then I would add that you try to make your way through your storm frugally and in wisdom so you can avoid as much debt as possible and be able to regain your food store quickly when your storm passes.

Maybe there is something that you could cut out that isn't really necessary right now. Or something that we've started doing this year is using coupons. We had NO food storage before and now spending the same amount each month (I could spend less) we have a whole closet full of food. I started a little blog of some of my favorite deal sites, it may not help but I thought I'd share the link here just in case: http://listofdeals.blogspot.com/ (freebies2deals and savvy sister shops are my faves for helping with coupons)

Then I found this quote from the food storage pamphlet, these words come from the first presidency:

"We realize that some of you may not have financial resources or space for such storage... We encourage you to store as much as circumstances allow."

Again maybe now might be the time to focus on the here and now and only store what your circumstances allow even if right now that is nothing. I think as you do your best, endure your storm, and live righteously you will be blessed and all will work out.

I hope this helps even a little.

LKP said...

totally helps! thank you.
the storm has frazzled me a bit, and i feel like i'm coming apart at some of my seams. so i'm grateful for both of your reflections on this situation we're currently in. in the past few days, we've seen blessings come, and teensy bits of the burden lifted here & there. which may not sound like much, but every relief is a big relief. i will be checking into your savings blog and see where i can tinker with things a bit more. just for further stretch. thank you both again, thoroughly. ::hugs::