Sunday, September 26, 2010

Getting Ready to Open Our Ears and Our Hearts: General Conference October 2010

So last night opened this week of listening to and hearkening to the Word of God.  I've already felt uplifted. I've already felt pushed to make changes.  I've already felt the great desire that General Conference brings to be better, to do more, and to drop unnecessary things out of my life.  The General Relief Society Meeting was wonderful. But there is so much more to come for ourselves, our families, and our spouses.

To watch and read highlights of the
Relief Society Meeting you can visit HERE.

What does your family do to prepare for Conference?
We usually print out various activities including: bingo, coloring pages, etc.  In the past I have created a list of links but this time around I have seen a list of great resources compiled at and decided to just direct you there.  (Thanks Steph!) There are packets for all different age groups and even activities that your children can participate in throughout this week even before conference begins.

What are some General Conference traditions that you have?
We just started a new tradition of turning off our TV for the week before Conference.  You can read more about our tradition HERE.

So now let's hear how you prepare and/or what traditions you have?

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