Friday, October 24, 2008

Opposite Trick-or-Treating ~ Service

So I thought I'd share this fun idea. Last year my son was too young to do "real" trick-or-treating but I still thought it would be fun to go around with my cute little dressed-up tike and knock on some doors. So we devised a plan to get out there and enjoy Halloween and this is what we came up with - OPPOSITE TRICK-OR-TREATING!!! First, we made these cute little treats:
It was simply white tissue paper, some ribbon, and a black marker. Inside was a little bag full of caramel popcorn. I made quite a few of these in no time flat.

Anyway, we went around and knocked on neighbors doors and instead of saying Trick-or-Treat, I said, "Opposite Trick-or-Treat" and handed them our little gift. It was fun to see their reactions and it was fun to get a little taste of Halloween without returning home with enough candy to last us the whole year.

Now that my son is a little older we plan to do both. We will do a little taking and do a little giving. I've decided that many of us have put so much emphasis on service around Thanksgiving and Christmas time that we tend to forget about the rest of the year. Why not a yummy ghostish treat in October? Why not something at St. Patrick's time or the 4th of July? Or even better why not bring a treat or lend a helping hand today, tomorrow, or any day of the year?!?

I loved this line from Elder Ballard, "He isn't asking us to walk across a nation but to walk across the street."

I hope some of you try Opposite Trick-or-Treating or more importantly I hope we all can learn to simply "walk across the street" and be of service to our neighbors and friends.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea. Isn't amazing how when we give just a little of ourselves, our whole outlook on life changes and we feel so great.

Thanks for sharing.

My Lady Blog said...

Hi there, I just saw this Halloween post (a bit late, I know) and think it is a great idea. I will do this next year!