Friday, December 5, 2008

Great FHE Ideas

There are so many wonderful resources online to help with FHE and I just wanted to post a few links that might be helpful to all of you. Most of these sights have many other great helps as well.

Our latest fun FHE was about being kind. Our son is having a hard time with being too rough when he gets upset, so I copied off the phrases "Be nice.", "Be kind.", and "Be soft." We taped them to our wall and for several days when we'd ask him to please be soft he would run to the wall and say, "kind?, soft?, or nice?" and touch the phrases. The best part about it was that it took him away from the situation where he was being rough and turned his attention to the nice words on the wall. It seemed to help a lot until he ripped them off the wall and crumpled them much for teaching him to be soft. :) No, it really was good and I just might have to copy them again and laminate them. Yea for FHE!!!


Seth Adam Smith said...

This is a great blog. Keep up the good work! I'll be checking back and forth for updates! God bless!

maineconvert said...

This is a wonderful resource. I think you are doing a superb job. I am a convert myself and this would be an awesome place to come to after baptism. I would like to use some of your pictures in our ward bulletin with the reference being your website underneath it. Would you mind?