Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Brand New Year

This is taken from - A new youth-oriented Web site,, was launched January 1, with music, video, testimonies, and other features from the Brand New Year youth celebration DVD. Youth, parents, and leaders are invited to enjoy the resources on this Web site.

Check it out!


Ashlee said...

Paige, thanks for the reminder about making sure our family can trust us. I feel the same way as you do... especially when it comes to my spouse. It irks me when I hear people talk about their husbands negatively. I hadn't so much thought about it with my kids though. I'm glad you wrote that. Since they are young I don't think I have done too much damage yet, but even at this age I am sure I can start applying that principle better. Thanks Paige! You're awesome!

Mom B said...

I did a family home evening lesson on this very thing. It is a great program. I printed up the cards for setting goals and we talked about our resolutions. I also threw in a little plug about Duty to God and Pursuit of Excellence - two great goal oriented programs.

Pokemon said...

What a great way to incorporate this through FHE. I especially liked the correlation with Duty to God.

I think so many more youth would received their Duty to God and Personal Progress awards if parents were more proactive and took a bigger role. And how great to be able to spend that time with your teenager working on spiritual things and other things that strengthen us and make us better.

Thanks for sharing.