Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Calling Helps

All of these links will lead you to pages on Sugardoodle.net. There are so many wonderful ideas, printables, lesson helps, activity ideas, etc. to help us all out in our callings. You may find that there is something there for you that you have been meaning to do but why recreate the wheel when someone has already done it for you. While your there take a look around at all of the other great things Sugardoodle has to offer. I hope this will help some of you.

Young Men
Young Women
Youth Activity Ideas


Relief Society
Enrichment Ideas


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this link. Some caught me and opt to bookmarking them.

Anonymous said...

I found the Sugardoodle.net page about a year ago when I was serving as YW class president in our branch (we have only one class cause we just don't have enough young women). It really is very helpful.