Monday, January 5, 2009

A Janitor Closet Prayer

It was the end of my senior year in high school and my best friend and I were heading to our school for one last yearbook signing frenzy. She picked me up and we went on our way. The trip to our high school was only a few miles away from my house but we only made it a handful of blocks before we were hit.

I remember it all happened so fast yet in some weird way it was in slow motion. We were driving on a one lane road where the speed limit was 25 when all of a sudden a car turned left and was heading directly toward us. It was as if we weren't even there. My friend swerved in hopes of avoiding the collision but without luck. He hit us and then we hit the curb, bumped over it, and one-be-one hit and dislodged many wooden posts of a fence bordering someone's yard. We finally came to a hault, the car was totaled, but both of us, with the exception of a bruise here and some achiness there, were perfectly fine.

My Mom arrived at the scene shortly after and ended up still taking both of us to our school. We had decided previously that we wanted to go have our seminary teachers sign our year books so that was our first stop.

When we entered the building with a relief to actually be there and to be there okay my friend made a wonderful suggestion - she made the suggestion of saying a prayer. We weren't sure of where to go for privacy but ended up kneeling on the floor in the janitor's closet.

I don't remember if we said a verbal prayer together or if we each said our own seperate prayers but I do remember the great gratitude I felt and the assurance I had that we had both been watched over.

I know that our Heavenly Father is mindful of us. I know that He watches over us. I know that He has a plan for each and everyone of us. I also know that He listens to our prayers whether we are in need of help to find an answer to a question or if we kneel simply to thank Him for how much we have been blessed.

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Melinda said...

We really were so blessed that day, and I know that more and more as I get older. I have been watched out for in many other ways since then, but I think that is the most dramatic instance of the Lord truly saving my life. I guess he had plans for us beyond high school . . . I like to think we're doing our best to let him fulfill those plans. Thanks for the post friend! I needed a good faith-promoting memory like this.