Monday, February 9, 2009

Scripture Valentines Activity

I found this idea off of by Linda Harper and thought it would be a fun Valentine's FHE idea or Scripture Study. It is simple but engaging. It sounds pretty fun.

"First I asked a trivia question: How many times does the word "heart" appear in all of our standard works. (1006 times) I had everyone make a guess and the one who came closest got a small bag of hearts. (By the way, the word "Love" appears 368 times).

Then I took several scriptures that had the word heart in them. I gave them the page numbers and told them to search that page for a scripture with the word heart. It was different chasing by page numbers. It really got them into the scriptures, reading to find "Heart." The first one that found it, read it and then I gave them a heart. Here are the scriptures I used, all from the New Testament:

Page 1227 - Matthew 22:37 - Love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart.
Page 1192 - Matthew 5:8 - Pure in heart
Page 1201 - Matt 9:4 - evil in your heart
Page 1208 - Matthew 12:34 - abundance of the heart
Page 1196 - Matthew 6:21 - there will your heart be also
Page 1277 - Luke 2:51 - all things in her heart
Page 1285 - Luke 6:45 - treasure of his heart.
Page 1307 - Luke 16:15 - God knoweth your heart.
Page 1352 - John 14:1 - Let not your heart be troubled
Page 1356 - John 16:22 - your heart shall rejoice
Page 1372 - Acts 4:32 - of one heart
Page 1427 - Romans 8:27 - searcheth the hearts
Page 1483 - Eph 3:17 - Christ dwelling in your heart
Page 1440 - 1 Cor 2:9 - Heart of man
Page 1545 - 1 Pet. 1:22 - a pure heart

I mixed these all up as we chased them. It was a fun about 10-15 minute activity."


3+Love~aki=Us said...

What a fun idea!

Now, I MUST this Page?! You, or an author on this blog, left a comment on ours and I just wanted to say thank you! It was very sweet. AND if you are Page..I knew your last name as Bushnell..did you start this blog? I enjoy it VERY much! And what about the Modern Molly Mormon? Did you start that too?..Seems like I heard an interview on the radio with someone who helped with it all a month ago.. ANYWAYS.

Sorry that was a novel..but I just wanted to thank you. I didn't expect the overwhelming response to my post, and it was a treat to hear from a good friend some..13 years back!

Thanks Again!

Caroline "Brickey" ;)

Pokemon said...

Thanks so much for your comment Caroline. I sent a more personal email your way! :)

Just to clarify for other readers: I did start this blog but I am just a small contributor to Modern Molly Mormon.

Crazy Mom of 6 said...

Thank you those are very helpful. I loved it

Valerie said...

Thanks for passing that idea along. I love being able to bring the gospel into Valentine's day...after all the gospel is all about love.

Anonymous said...

This is perfect! I have a Love-themed FHE planned for Monday night and was wondering about an activity. Thanks!