Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Good Men in Our Lives

President Hinckley said, “How much more beautiful would be the world and the society in which we live if every father looked upon his children as the most precious of his assets, if he led them by the power of his example in kindness and love, and if in times of stress he blessed them by the authority of the holy priesthood...”

I have been blessed to be surrounded by these types of men, by these types of Fathers. My Dad and my husband are both incredible men. They are great examples. They honor their priesthood. They love their children.

I was reminded today that we all to often pull men down or don't see them as the wonderful people they are. This happened as I read a post that stated, "Just like Satan wants men to see all women in the wrong way, he also wants us women to see men as something less than they were meant to be.”

But isn't that statement so true? I think that Satan does get us in that way. He makes us forget who these men are. Don't we forget all to often the sacrifices they make and the many roles they fulfill so well? The men in our lives do so much. They work so hard. They balance countless duties. They lead and guide our families along. They are amazing.

Let us remember how great the men in our lives truly are. Let us express to them tomorrow and everyday how much we love and appreciate them.

I loved both of these videos put out on Mormon Messages. They are both great reminders of the good men that surround us:

A Father Indeed

Let Us Be Men

Happy Father's Day!!!


Stephanie said...

I had not seen these yet and I loved them. Good dads are such a blessing. Every time I meet one or learn of one, it restores my faith in HuMANity.

Auger Family said...

Great post page! I know that Boston sure looks up to his dad and wants to be just like him. President Hinckley is amazing and I miss him so much!! Great post and videos!