Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gospel Art Family Scripture Study

Well, those of you who have been following my blog for a while have seen the several ideas, thoughts, and directions I have gone in hopes to find the perfect scripture study method for our young family. Each of them stuck for a time but have since dwindled away. Our scripture studies have gradually changed and now we are on a whole new method - Gospel Art Family Scripture Study.

So far it has been wonderful (not always perfect but it works). I enjoyed doing some of our previous styles and we may go back to them later but for now this is what we are up to when it comes to family scripture study. It couldn't be much simpler. We are simply going through the entire Gospel Art Book, page by page. The front of the book has verses already selected to go along with each picture and we just narrow it down to a small selection and read straight from the scriptures. We often read only a few verses and just simply tell the rest of the story.

Our little boy is just about 2 1/2 now and it is so fun to see him come to know many of the great leaders and prophets of the scriptures. He can recognize so many of them now like Adam and Eve, Noah, Jonah, Daniel, David and Goliath, etc. The time spent doing our little scripture study is very little (1-5 minutes, depending on the day) but the pay off is great!

When we finish the whole book we may go back through again and reinforce the things we have learned and learn in greater detail about each picture and it's great message. The visual that each picture presents truly helps the scriptures to come alive.

You can read more about the Gospel Art book and how to get one as well as browse the pictures it contains by taking a peek at a previous post HERE.


Stephanie said...

I keep meaning to buy one of these. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great idea!

Brooke Jones said...

We just started doing it too. I had read your post and thought we might try it since we were close to being done with our current study. While sitting in sacrament meeting my husband was watching our son look through the pictures of the book and got the same idea. Inspiration!

Nancy said...

What a great idea, I keep forgetting about some of the wonderful tools that we have available to us. This would be a great way to get my little kids more involved in our family scripture study.

I linked to your post from my post, and I thought you'd like to see it.

The Veers said...

Thank you so much!!!! I was desperate for a new routine study guide. I am one that needs a list or something written to guide, not a very impromtu person. We have used the old gospel art kit that came in a box. Reading the summary on the back, but have done it so many times, I was getting bored. AND we didn't actually read our scriptures, but reading the scripture that corresponds to the picture in the new gospel art kit is ingenious!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!