Sunday, May 16, 2010

How do you balance your commitments and priorities...

How do you balance your commitments and priorities to do everything that you should and some things you want to and still remain sane?

*This question was submitted by a friend over at "Be it Ever so Humble" Thanks!


Stephanie said...

My answer is simply some reference material: Sister Beck gave a talk at Women's Conference at BYU last month. I'm sure the transcript will eventually be on the website:

(It looks like her talk will be broadcast this Wed. at 7 pm. on BYU TV)

Anyway, in that talk, she suggests a system of a 3-column list that helps you organize your priorities and she claims that you'll be surprised how many of your fun "would like to do" things you'll get done.

Shantel said...

I'm with Steph.
Also learn to listen to the LORDS voice - in regards to what you should be doing with your time. No one else's.

Laurie said...

I agree with above. Also, make sure YOU are a priority. It's easy to say, "But my kids need this and this and this..." But if Mom's not revitalized every once in a while, no one's happy!

There was a talk or article I read once, that said to write down ALL of your commitments and priorities. Then put an A next to the MUSTs, a B next to the PROBABLY SHOULDs, and a C next to the WOULD LIKE TOs. Then start with the As. Once they're done, do the Bs, then the Cs. Like Steph said, you get to a lot more Cs than you think!