Friday, August 13, 2010


A few weeks back I saw something that baffled me, that scared me, that quite simply left me stunned, and angry, and puzzled at the amount of stupidity that was before my eyes. My two little ones and I were enjoying the afternoon shade in our front yard when all of a sudden comes a car whizing around our corner, going quite fast, with much whooping and hollering coming from its open windows and then through that open window I saw it. I saw the thing that sent me into such great shock and rage. I saw a young man sitting in the drivers seat blindfolded. He had a beanie pulled down over his eyes and all of the passengers, as well as the driver, seemed to be having a joyous adventure without thought to the consequences that could have and may have resulted.

What if my son had been riding his bike on that corner and they had clipped it. What if they hit another car. What if they hit a child who was crossing the street to play with a friend. What if they hit a tree or a poll or really what if anything bad had happened. I immediately got out my phone and reported the incident to the police. Then the rest of the day was spent with feelings of frustration, anger, and complete shock at what I had witnessed.

Then as time went on, a thought came to me: in essence we sometimes actually might do this ourselves. Really? Are you kidding me? I would never get into a car and put something over my eyes so that I can't see and risk hurting myself or others. But do I?

Here are my thoughts on the situation:

  • When we choose to make certain choices it may fulfill a desire for entertainment or pleasure right now but in the end we might hurt (or kill) others or ourselves spiritually, emotionally, and/or physically.

  • Our sins can blind us from current and future decisions. We may rely on very unreliable sources to guide us through the roads of life. In the end we'll crash.

  • The passengers in the car were, in a way blindfolded, as well. They all did not have their eyes wide open to choices they were making. They were allowing the "blind to lead the blind".

  • Little wrong choices may only fog our vision but as we continue to make wrong choices slowly but surely are eyes are darkened more and more and it is harder to see the Light.

Just as I looked on this situation with abhorrence. We should "not look upon sin save it were with abhorrence" (Alma 13:12). Let us make concious choices to keep our vision acute and alert and ready for the choices that lie before us. Let us stay away from choices that may blind us and lead us down a path of darkness and danger. Let us be spiritually aware, always seeing what lies ahead.


Kari said...

great post! I think I may use this for our next FHE-- it sounds like something the teenage girls would "get". Thanks for sharing your insight!

Stephanie said...

just visiting after a long hiatus. Ooooh, I would have been so mad about the driver too, but you're right about how sometimes we are just as dumb in other ways.

And you were steps ahead of me on the Are you in There? post. I just saw it today and realized that it almost looks like I just copied your post. Sorry about that. Great minds think alike? :)