Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some Things To Check Out

  • If you haven't checked out the new which has profiles of members you ought to click on over. You can read other's profiles and even add your own. What a great missionary tool. Check it out HERE.
  • My son and I found a fun scripture site called Scriptures 4 Kids. It has 4 reading levels of Book of Mormon stories. Your child can read it on there own or they can click on a button and it will read it to them. There are also games and printable pages, etc. Check it out HERE.
  • There is a wonderful scripture page where you can highlight and make notes online as you read. I haven't played around with this much myself but it looks like a really neat page and it is created by the Church. You can check it our HERE.
  • I've posted some of these before but I thought I'd highlight it again just in case you've never seen these videos made by Mormon's Made Simple. They are great because they explain in simple terms things like missionaries, temples, our church services, etc. Check it our HERE.
  • I am sure most of you have seen the Mormon Messages on youtube or the front page of but they are worth their own link so you can check out all of the wonderful videos that have been posted. Check them out HERE.
  • The Church has come out with new mobile phone apps to help you study on the go. They have anything from reading, highlighting and making notes while you read the scriptures to Conference talks and church magazines. Check it out HERE.
  • There are many new features on the Relief Society page. You can check it our HERE.

So there are quite a few links for you to check out. I hope you all find something you like or haven't used before. If you ever find any new or fun links let me know so I can post them. Thanks to a few of my friends for making me aware of some of these. :) Happy Sunday to you all!


Shawnie Cannon said...

This is too coincidental. First of all Elder Bednar is one of my all-time favorite Apostles. Second, I was going to do a piece on my adventures with Anti-Mormonism which included and doing your own profiles today. I see you already wrote about today :) Yours is the first blog I've seen that has a somewhat similar format to my own. And I've been to many. You must be a kindred spirit. Thank you for the blogroll nod. I will confess, I had to look up on Wikipedia what a blogroll was. It is an honor to be on yours!

Mom B said...

Great ideas!