Thursday, January 22, 2009

Apostle Printables

New updated apostle games and cards (including Elder Andersen) can be found HERE.

Apostle Cards and Apostle Cards 2 by Melanie Day

These cards are great. There is a picture of each member of the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles (I am sure that they will be updated when the new apostle is called and I will post them again then) along with a few interesting facts about each of them.

Memory Game by Anonymous

You match their picture with their name and symbol. Each Apostle has a symbol to help remember their name. For example, President Packer has a Back-"Pack" and Elder Oaks has a oak leaf.

Apostles Coloring Page from

Apostles Crossword Puzzle by Rachel Woods on

I hope you find some of these fun or helpful!


Janis said...

Hello- I thought I would let you know that the gal who did the Apostle memory game has updated it with the Apostle Neil Anderson. She also changed a couple of the symbols with other Apostles, Like Monson, Nelson, and Hales.

Here is the link-

Anonymous said...

I tried the link, but it was only for invited members. Just wondering if you might have the card with Alder Anderson on it any time soon? I think these are fantastic and would love to have an updated set....thanks.

Pokemon said...

I will be posting with updated cards soon so come back and check them out. Let me know if you can't get into them this time. :) said...

There is an online LDS Apostles matching game at Each match has information on that apostle and a link to his bio on You can also make your own personalized matching game.

Pokemon said...

You can also play matching games with apostles and other gospel things on the Friend page on

Pokemon said...

Thanks for sharing everyone.