Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who's Your Boss?

I read a wonderful post yesterday on Diapers and Divinity called Who's the Boss? and just had to make mention of it here. The story told is of a wonderful teaching moment about us being our own boss. It is a great read - check it out!

After reading it I thought, do we allow other's to become our boss because we want to impress them? Do we allow a situation to become our boss when we respond negatively? In reality we cannot allow anyone to be our boss because we are ultimately in charge of ourselves but do we blame others or situations for our own actions?

Well, when it comes down to it - You are the boss of you and I am the boss of me. What an awesome way to think of and teach accountability. We are in charge of ourselves and can choose whatever we want, bad or good, but we must be accountable for that choice and greet the consequences.

Here is the end of Steph's post from Diaper's and Divinity. It lends a great visual to this concept of "Being your own Boss" and I think it presents a great challenge to teach this concept to our children and well, ourselves:

"So today, after I snuck downstairs to watch the Inauguration while the kids were eating snack, they made some choices. Choices like “I think I’ll try to go get more yogurt than mommy gave us, and maybe I’ll get it out with my hands, and then I think we’ll throw it on each other.” So I came back up the stairs to find Clark and Natalie in the kitchen wearing yogurt on their faces, hands, and most of their clothing. Oh, and the floor. Clark immediately said, “It was Natalie’s idea!” I replied, “Is Natalie your boss?”
“Who’s your boss, Clark?”
“(Sigh.) I am.”"

Oh, how things could be different if we all truly grasped the concept of accountability and accepted the ownership of our choices and could say ""I am" in charge of me and "I" made that choice and "I" must accept the consequences." Let us all begin to take responsibility for ourselves and, like Clark, acknowledge that we are in charge of ourselves.


Stephanie said...

Wow, thank you so much. I love the extended applications you made here. As a side note, I believe your blog meets so well the challenge that Elder Ballard laid forth to use the Internet for good, so thank you.

Shantel said...

I love Stephanies blog also!! I found your blog through her's. I really love the spirit of your blog. It is refreshing to read, and I really get alot out of it. Thank-you for your work!