Saturday, May 29, 2010

Q and A: How do you do daily scripture study with young children?

I think we are all looking for new ways to help us hold family scripture study with young ones. Let's get some ideas rolling.

*Thanks for another great question from Mrs. Mordecai over at "Be it Ever so Humble"

Here are a few links to posts I have written in the past. You'll see that our scripture study is an ever changing thing.

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Laurie said...

We've chosen to just read The Book of Mormon from cover to cover. It shows my kids that everything in there is important, even if we don't quite understand it yet. I have a 6 yr old and a 4 yr old, so right now, we just read one column each night. (It fits their attention span.) My husband and I each read about two verses, and the kids read one verse each. (My 4 yr old can read 3 and 4 letter words, so we help her with the rest.)